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Together with our associate consultants we verify all of our selected hotels, villas and yachts on a regular basis. Only the very best can be a part of our network. We cater to all and every taste and the network contains everything from hip urban hotels, to lavish palaces and resorts in far off places. Are you a hotel, yacht or villa to Envy – do you have what it takes to be a part of our World?

Here you find a list of some of the selected partners we work closely with

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Our concept

The World of Envy features a handpicked selection of fabulous hotels, as well as an extensive range of high-end rental villas, resort villas and yacht charters, in some of the world’s most impressive destinations.

We only offer the best of the best places to stay. We look for the unique, the different and the exceptional! Our promise to our clients is “A World to Envy”, and trust this is what we and our partners will give them!

We pride ourselves in the service and advice we give our clients. Our business is based on building long-term relationships, getting to know and understanding their requirements and wishes – giving the absolutely best personal service and advice possible. It is a relationship built on trust.

Our idea

Being frequent visitors to high-end hotels around the globe – but not always having luck with our Internet bookings – we identified a vacant niche in the market. Although we recognise that technology developments over the last few decades have simplified and enabled our lives – we also strongly believe that personal service can really only be achieved through personal contact!  So – we are going old-school! Simply explained, we provide a modern version of the traditional travel agency service. A personal service fully focused on the client’s individual requirements. Every booking is customised based on the client’s needs and wishes – always with attention to detail and focus on the client experience. Our goal is that our clients always leave their vacation longing for their next Envy Experience.

Our aim is to help our clients discover the finest in travel and lifestyle – A World to Envy!
We need to trust our partners to deliver the same!

To whom do we cater?

Our members are best described as sophisticated and discerning travellers who appreciate design, good food and drink, culture, shopping and pampering themselves – simply the best that life can offer. They are frequent visitors to the world’s metropolises and the most exclusive destinations around the globe.

Our clients are affluent, and often come with a high budget and high demand. They expect the very best there is and put great value in personal service and recommendations they can trust. By booking with us they feel reassured that their stay will be a special and memorable experience and that they will always get the best of the best.

Our head office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden – so naturally our clientele is mainly Scandinavian and European. But we do not put any geographical restrictions on who may become our client, and we already have an extended client base accumulated from our years in the business and previous experiences.

Travel consultants

Our in-house travel consultants and Yacht Broker are handpicked and come with many years of experience.

“Success is doing ordinary things extraordinary well.”
Jim Rhon – American author and speaker

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