Envy Events

Fancy a wedding in a castle in Tuscany or having your birthday party a Chalet in the Swiss Alps? Or why not invite your closest friends to that private island you thought no-one was allowed to visit? Our worldwide selection of stunning hotels and more private venues is of the highest standard and we will turn it in to Your private retreat.

Objectives, expectations and target group are important factors to consider when organising an event. The World of Envy will find you a venue and create an event that ensures that your guests are thoroughly impressed. Not only are all of our venues high-end and exclusive – they are also different and unique!

Simply explained – Bespoke Solutions means that all programs we deliver are inspired by our clients’ specific requirements – and are based on our collective, extensive and accumulated knowledge and experience of creating events, travel and destinations – and is always combined with an in-depth analysis of the wants, requirements and framework for each and every individual client.

No ready-made solutions!
Every corporate itinerary, arrangement and trip The World of Envy delivers is custom-made with attention paid to the smallest detail. Our business is adapting our services and solutions to suit the client – and to provide them with what they need. So whether the solution a client requires is an incentive program, a place to be inspired and creative, a motivational conference or kick-off or a team building arrangement – The World of Envy will deliver!

Today employees have a higher level of expectation on a reward. In order to encourage your team to invest that extra effort – you need to come up with more than just a trip!
This is where we come in, we will provide a complete high-grade incentive solution to top destinations around the world.

Treat your clients and make them feel important and special!
We know that it takes something really special to impress clients. The World of Envy can deliver arrangements ranging from complete travel concepts to an evening of wining and dining your top client. No matter the size or nature of the arrangement our first class service will deliver a successful arrangement that will keep you and your company top of mind for a long time to come.

Think stunning views, comfortable leather chairs, outstanding gastronomy, the highest standard of service and hospitality. This, and more, is what we will deliver! We have hand-picked a number of exclusive venues for you to choose from. Our selection ranges from more traditional but cool boardrooms, to clubs and beautiful yachts – all in chosen locations around the globe. Our select venues provide the highest quality facilities, including any technical equipment, you may need.

The World of Envy are destination and accommodation experts and we provide professional sourcing services to other service agencies; conducting research and providing destination, as well as accommodation suggestions that fit with the specifications of the client’s client i.e. for example for an event company’s client.

We offer You a white label service, operating as your back-office – under your brand name. Collectively we possess an extensive “bank” of expert knowledge about a majority of destinations around the world – as well as a large network of essential contacts and partners in the travel and entertainment business. Our contacts and experience in this area mean that we can provide solutions that you wouldn’t find yourself. We also have the power and leverage to negotiate the right deal with hotels and other suppliers.


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